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Catholic Action

Faith in Action: Strengthening Communities through Catholic Values

CWV during a Flag Mass honoring our troops
CWV members attend mass at St Michaels Cathedral

Catholic Action, as embraced by the Catholic War Veterans (CWV) and Auxiliary (CWVA), represents a proactive engagement of Catholic principles in the pursuit of social justice, moral renewal, and spiritual growth within society. CWV and CWVA members undertake various initiatives rooted in their faith to positively impact their communities and the world at large. This includes supporting religious and military vocations, fostering a culture of service and sacrifice inspired by Catholic teachings. CWV and CWVA organizes events such as the Annual Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father, where members collectively offer prayers and spiritual offerings for the intentions of the Pope, reinforcing unity and solidarity within the Catholic community.

Catholic Action involves nurturing a deep devotion to Catholic traditions and practices, such as keeping Christ in Christmas themed events and encouraging devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the praying of the Rosary. CWV and CWVA members actively engage in pro-life activities, advocating for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, and participating in events like the 40 Days for Life Campaigns and the March for Life. Through corporate communion masses and breakfasts, CWV and CWVA members nurture spiritual fellowship among its members and their families, strengthening their bonds as a community of faith-driven individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in the world through their Catholic values and actions.


Patriotism in Practice: Upholding American Values and Heritage

Catholic War Veterans help honor veterans.

Americanism, within the context of the Catholic War Veterans (CWV) and Auxiliary (CWVA), encompasses a deep reverence for the principles and ideals upon which the United States was founded. It entails promoting and upholding the values of liberty, democracy, and justice that are fundamental to the American way of life. CWV and CWVA members actively engage in activities that demonstrate their commitment to Americanism, including participating in patriotic events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, where they honor the sacrifices of those who have served in the armed forces to protect the nation’s freedoms. Additionally, CWV and CWVA encourages its members to display respect for the flag and to advocate for the preservation of American values within their communities.

Furthermore, Americanism for CWV and CWVA involves active civic engagement and participation in the democratic process. Members are encouraged to exercise their right to vote in local, state, and national elections, ensuring that their voices are heard in shaping the future of their country. By promoting voter education and turnout initiatives, CWV and CWVA seeks to strengthen the democratic fabric of society and empower its members to contribute to the advancement of American ideals. Through these efforts, the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary embodies a deep commitment to Americanism, fostering a sense of pride in citizenship and a dedication to preserving the freedoms and opportunities that define the United States.

Youth Programs

Youth Empowerment: Building Tomorrow's Leaders with Purpose and Patriotism

CWV member speaks at a local high school.

The Catholic War Veterans (CWV) and Auxiliary( CWVA) promotes youth programs by engaging young people in educational, leadership, and service opportunities which foster a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility. CWV sponsors youth-focused initiatives such as essay contests, scholarship programs, and youth leadership conferences, providing opportunities for young individuals to develop their talents and leadership skills while learning about American history and values. Additionally, CWV and CWVA members collaborate with leaders of schools, scouting organizations, and community groups to support youth-oriented activities such as flag etiquette workshops, community service projects, and patriotic events. By actively involving young people in these programs, CWV and CWVA aims to instill in them a deeper appreciation for their country, inspire a spirit of volunteerism, and cultivate future generations of engaged citizens committed to upholding American ideals.

Veteran Welfare

Honoring Service: Supporting Veterans' Well-being and Transition to Civilian Life

The Catholic War Veterans (CWV) and Auxiliary (CWVA) prioritizes veteran support through its Welfare Program. Members volunteer at VA facilities, providing companionship, transportation, and donations. They serve as honor guards at veteran funerals and decorate graves with flags and wreaths. CWV and CWVA members also offer masses and prayers for ill and deceased veterans. To sustain these efforts, posts and auxiliary units conduct fundraising activities, including the sale of the CWV Cross of Peace pin. This pin serves as a vital fundraiser, supporting Veteran Welfare Programs. Through these initiatives, CWV and CWVA demonstrates its steadfast commitment to providing essential support and recognition to veterans, ensuring they receive the care and respect they deserve.

Veteran Service Officer

Empowering veterans of all backgrounds to claim their deserved benefits.

CWV member speaks at a local high school.

The Catholic War Veterans has accredited VA Service Officers who, upon request will help veterans prepare claims and obtain earned VA Benefits. This service is rendered regardless of the veteran’s faith affiliation, and whether the veteran is on Active duty, Retired, or affiliated with a Reserve or National Guard unit. If the Catholic War Veterans (CWV) does not have a VA Service Officer in your local area, our CWV National Service Officer will connect you with one.
To contact the CWV National Service Officer email: